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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

Sponsorship Sprint

The Sponsorship Sprint:
Friday, April 19, 9:00 a.m.

What an opportunity to get your name and logo out in front of the community for 5 whole years! Be visible. Promote your business. Make a statement in support of local bike-riding around town. Just think of people riding, walking and driving around town seeing YOUR name in front of them every time they go by.

In WABI’s first phase, we plan to install 41 bike racks, so there are 41 spots looking for sponsors.
Which spot will YOU vie for? Read on…

WABI-Plaque Example

READ THIS: Here’s how it works.

  • For $200, you can be a sponsor and have your name on both sides of a bike rack for 5 years.
  • Bike rack locations will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Reservations for sponsorship and location preferences will open up on Friday, April 19 at 9:00 a.m. and must be received by e-mail to Order-of-preference will be determined by the date stamp on the e-mail. So, on Friday the 19th at 9:00, have your e-mail prepped and be ready to hit “SEND”!
  • Reservation e-mail content must include:
    Sponsor name (Business, Family or Individual).
    Contact name, e-mail address, phone number, physical address.
    Statement of intent to sponsor a bike rack (or more than one).
  • Incoming emails will be chronologically organized by time stamp and interested sponsors will be notified of their positions in the queue. Upon finalization of bike rack locations, sponsors will be allowed to select from the location list for their sponsored bike rack.
  • You will finalize your sponsorship by signing a Sponsorship Agreement, paying your fees and providing name/logo content for the plaque.

Sponsoring vs. Hosting

There are two different, formal agreements involved in the bike rack projects: Hosting Agreement and Sponsorship Agreement.

  • Hosting Agreement – This is an agreement between the City of Burien, WABI and the owner of a private commercial center to “host” a city-owned bike rack on the private property. There is no charge to the property owner.Many businesses in Burien are located within privately-owned retail/commercial centers (such as at Five Corners with Albertson’s and Trader Joe’s, and Burien Plaza with Safeway and Starbuck’s.) For these locations, BOTH agreements will be involved.
  • Sponsorship Agreement – This is an agreement between WABI and the bike rack sponsor, no matter whether the rack is in the public right-of-way or in a privately-owned commercial center.

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All sponsorships and rack locations are subject to approval by WABI Burien and the City of Burien.