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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

Bike SaFaRis: Safe Family Rides


WABI Burien’s Bike SaFaRis – “Safe Family Rides” – are monthly bike rides for young riders and parents, as well as those without children, that simply want to increase their cycling skills.

There have been little ones riding in bike seats behind their parents. Other kids ride on “trailer bikes” connected to a parent’s bike, or they ride competently on their own knee-high cycles. The bicycle tours wind through the neighborhoods and around Lake Burien, including swingset and playground breaks. The rides lasts about an hour or so and are generally flat, except for occasional small hills.

You see new things on a bike! Along the route, we notice things that we just don’t see through our car windshields, and we travel on streets we usually never travel. Conversations are spontaneous and varied as the group mixes along the way. New connections are made. Come for a ride!

The goals of WABI Burien’s Bike SaFaRis – “Safe Family Rides”:

  • Ignite an early enthusiasm for being on two wheels
  • Teach “bike sense” and street smarts to little ones
  • Gather people for fun, conversation, fresh air and healthful exercise
  • Freshen up cycling skills and comfort when riding on the street

These are FREE events, and all are welcome (either with kids or without).


ALL participants must wear bicycle helmets (parents included), and riders are taught to follow safe cycling practices and the rules-of-the-road.


Applause to our young, avid cyclist, Carmen Stanfield, for her fabulous drawing of SaFaRi animals out riding on their bikes. Thanks, Carmen!

Bike SaFaRis were first launched by former Burien City Councilmember, Sue Blazak, August 2011.

. . .

Here are some photos from past WABI Burien Bike SaFaRis: