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Downtown Burien Bike Rack Project Wrap-up

WABI-Bike Rack Wrap-up Web Image

by Maureen Hoffmann, Walk/Bike Burien (WABI) President

BURIEN LOGO - OLD CLEAN 113HIt’s been an epic and exhilarating project. The efforts have come from throughout the community to bring the Downtown Burien Bike Rack Project to completion and success. There are now 41 new bike racks in Burien and it makes me smile every time I see bikes locked up to them.

On a city-wide scale, I think of the greater ease we’ve created for those that want to ride their bikes to “shop local.” Economic development, exercise and alternative transportation all rolled into one. Yes!

CERB Logo 200Thank You

It would take many pages to list and thank all of those whose efforts brought this project to fruition. I am full of gratitude for the long list of fine partners that have worked so closely on this. It began in 2011 with a cluster of community conversations, which then led to the official formation of Walk/Bike Burien (WABI) with a full Board of Directors. It then flowered into a great partnership with the City of Burien’s Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services, backed by the enthusiastic support of the Burien City Council and Staff. The project expanded further outward with a grant of $10,000 from the Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board.

PrintI then had the privilege of designing the custom bike racks that were manufactured for us by the great people at Urban Racks. A number of businesses and citizens throughout the city showed their support of the project by either sponsoring a bike rack or hosting one on their commercial property. It was Burien’s Public Works Department that got the bike racks bolted to the concrete and ready for the riders. And, in 2014, to top it all off, the national Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in “the other Washington” named WABI Burien and the Bike Rack Project one of the “Ten Great Things Happening in Washington State.”

Bike Rack Sponsorship

Each bike rack is “sponsored” by a local business or citizen. Sponsorship allows their name/logo to be featured on the rack and enabled WABI Burien to increase its funds for further Walk/Bike efforts around town. Please… take a look at the list of sponsors below and thank them next time you do business with them. They’re making a big difference through their support.

Bike Rack Hosting

Much of Burien’s commercial space is privately-owned property. Some of the racks were designated for public right-of-way locations, but other ideal spots happened to be on these private properties. We’re grateful to those property owners for “hosting” a City-owned bike rack on their private property.

It’s been a tremendous project. My applause can’t be grand enough to all those with whom it has been a great pleasure to both envision, and then make real, this Downtown Burien Bike Rack Project.

A resounding “Thank you!”
Maureen Hoffmann, President, Walk/Bike Burien (WABI)

For further information, contact Maureen at

Click on any of the Bike Rack Sponsorship Plaques below to browse through them all.

The following chart tells the location and Sponsor’s name for the 41 bike racks.

1 June 2013 Burien Library
City Hall – South
South of
south entrance
B-Town Blog
2 June 2013 Discover Burien 1 427 SW 152nd St. Berkshire Hathaway
Home Services
3 June 2013 Bumbershoot Books 639 SW 152nd St. Bumbershoot Books
4 June 2013 Highline Historical Museum 819 SW 152nd St. Burien Daily
5 June 2013 Burien Post Office 609 SW 150th St.
on the sidewalk,
at the street
Burien General Insurance
6 June 2013 Collins Chiropractic 619 SW 152nd St. Collins Chiropractic
7 June 2013 Berry’s BBQ/Geno’s 11614 Ambaum
Blvd SW.
Collins Chiropractic
8 June 2013 Discover Burien 2 427 SW 152nd St. Discover Burien
9 June 2013 Burien Salon 919 SW 152nd St. Forest Ledge
10 June 2013 Wells Fargo 800 SW 152nd St. Freggies
11 June 2013 Town Square Condos – Southeast (Between Subway and Town Square Park) Gail and
Jeff Dickson
12 June 2013 Grand Central Bakery 626 SW 152nd St. Grand Central Bakery
13 June 2013 Burien Press 423 SW 152nd St. Hi-Liners
Musical Theatre
14 June 2013 Armoire Chocolate 825 SW 152nd St. Highline High SchoolClass of ’75
15 June 2013 Town Square
Burien Market
660 SW 152nd St. Key Bank
16 June 2013 909 Coffee & Wine 909 SW 152nd St. Lake BurienPhysical Therapy
17 June 2013 Hot Feet Yoga 816 SW 152nd St. One Earth Natural Medicine
18 June 2013 Boulevard Park Library By east main entrance Philip Kelley
19 June 2013 Burien Books 824 SW 152nd St. Phoenix Tea
20 June 2013 Town Square Condos – Southwest Subway at 594 SW 152nd Rob, Romeo
and Buddy
21 June 2013 Marie White Attorney 415 SW 152nd St. Skinperfect Aesthetics, LLC
22 June 2013 Town Square Condos – East (Near main
east entrance,
by retail door)
Home Decor
23 June 2013 Classic Eats 918 SW 152nd St. Superior Repair
24 Fall 2014 Seahurst Post Office 2116 SW 152nd St B-Town Blog
25 Fall 2014 Grocery Outlet 236 SW 152nd St Dermatology Seattle-Burien
26 Fall 2014 La Canasta 13602 Ambaum Blvd. SW Dermatology Seattle-Burien
27 Fall 2014 Fred Meyer 14300 1st Ave S,
at Starbucks
Fred Meyer Corp.
28 Fall 2014 Lake Burien
Physical Therapy
15811 Ambaum
Blvd. SW
Lake Burien
Physical Therapy
29 Fall 2014 Bartells 14901 4th Ave SW #100 Leslie Suggett, Acupuncturist
30 Fall 2014 Walgreens 14656 Ambaum Blvd SW RES Graphics
Ramlyn Engraving
31 Fall 2014 Umpqua Bank 224 S.W. 152nd St
(South side of building)
Home Decor
32 Fall 2014 La Costa 140 SW 152nd St Tek-Line
33 Fall 2014 Eat Local 804 SW 151st St Three Tree
34 Fall 2014 H&R Block 12003 Des Moines Mem. Dr. S. (Boulevard Park) Trek Bicycle Store
at Southcenter
35 Fall 2014 Page 2 Books 457 SW 152 St. WABI Burien
36 Summer 2015 Lake Burien Park Restroom plaza Burien Arts Assoc.
37 Summer 2015 Lake Burien Park Restroom plaza Burien Press
38 Summer 2015 Seahurst Beach Environmental
Science Center
RES Graphics
Ramlyn Engraving
39 Summer 2015 Seahurst Beach Lower parking area 909 Coffee & Wine
40 Summer 2015 Eagle Landing Park At the parking area KaiBo!
(Chloe Swain)
41 Summer 2015 Dottie Harper Park Playground 4th Ave. SW and
SW 146th St.,
Upper playground

Check out the interactive map of bike rack locations here:
(You may need to refresh your browser window for the map to load.)

Of course you’d like to see some photos of the bike racks. Take a look… scroll through and smile. (Some of these images were shot before the Sponsorship Plaques had been installed.)

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For further information, contact Maureen Hoffmann at

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  1. This is great news about the bike racks in burien, but we have a long way to go, especially with a growing bike population.