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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

We Are WABI-ists

Walk/Bike Burien (WABI) was launched by Burien citizens sharing a passion for making our community HEALTHIER and MORE FUN through walking and bicycling. We stir things up with events and advocacy to nurture the walk/bike community in town. 


The WABI-ists
WABI Burien Board of Directors:

Maureen Hoffmann-Web Portrait

Maureen Hoffmann
WABI Burien President
Graphics, Media & “WAB-master”
Maureen likes being self-propelled on two feet and two wheels. Through WABI she hopes to encourage others to also enjoy walking and biking for fun, alternate transportation and well-being. She handles public communications, graphics and media for WABI; organizes and leads the monthly Walk-n-Talks; and works with the other WABI-ists toward the installation of bike racks in town. As a lifelong Burien resident, Maureen sees WABI as her way to nurture the community around her. For over thirty years she has been a graphic and web designer in her own firm, Kunstdame.

Brooks Stanfield-Web Portrait

Brooks Stanfield
WABI Burien Vice-President
Fresh off a two-year stint in South America, in 2003, on a whim, Brooks started riding his bike to work from his north Seattle apartment. Actually it was his dad’s heavy, rusty, old bike. The buses were quiet and boring while riding a bicycle to work was invigorating and fun. Now ten years later, Brooks has used campaigns to grow bike commuting at his work over 400% in the last 10 years and is now expanding them nationwide. He helped organize Burien’s B-Town Bike Fair in 2010 and 2011 along with several other community biking and walking events.  He currently serves on the Planning Commission for the City of Burien and works as a strategic planner at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Focus areas with WABI include equitable transportation infrastructure and working on activities with his grade school-age kids, like Safe Family Rides (Bike SaFaRis). Brook’s ride of choice: Jamis – Aurora Elite (steel frame, disc brakes) which he still rides to work each day.

Laura Gould 07-2012v2bLaura Kennedy Gould
WABI Burien Treasurer
WABI Weekday Walkers Leader

Laura recently moved to Burien from West Seattle. When she lived in Seattle, she walked with Sound Striders, a walking group sponsored by Seattle City Parks. With the success of WABI Walk-n-Talks on the first Sunday of each month, Laura launched another recurring event for folks who would like to walk during the week. In a burst of alliteration:

WABI Weekday Walkers Walk (….Wait for it….) on Wednesdays!

Weekday Walkers meet on the third Wednesday of the month, generally at a coffee shop or public place (like a park). The walk is typically 1-2 hours and 3-5 miles. As with our Walk-n-Talks, you walk at your own pace, and have the chance to socialize with your fellow walkers.

We explore not just Burien but other Southend cities like Normandy Park, SeaTac, Tukwila, and Des Moines. For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact Laura Kennedy Gould at

Janet Shull-PortraitJanet Shull
WABI Burien Secretary
A resident for the past 24 years, Janet envisions a Burien with neighborhoods, schools and businesses connected by walkable and bikable streets and trails where folks from 8 to 80 can travel easily and safely.  Trained as an architect, she has spent most of her professional life working as an urban planner focusing on urban design, affordable housing and economic development. More recently Janet has been involved in planning initiatives with a focus on healthy and sustainable communities, including the development of bicycle and pedestrian master plans and urban agriculture policies and programs. 

Jimmy Son Web Portrait

Jimmy Schulz
WABI Board Member
Jimmy fell into the world of cycling through his love of taking things apart and rebuilding them. Through the process of building bikes, he remembered how much he loved RIDING his bikes. He made the choice to move to a neighborhood close enough to work to make bike commuting a reality. He has lived in Burien the last 5 years and is a sustainability-curious, fair-weather bike commuter. He helped organize the 2010 and 2011 B-town Bike Fair and serves as the WABI treasurer. On any given Sunday you may find Jimmy biking through Burien with his now 2-year-old son in tow, tending his garden or crafting the finest homebrew west of 509.

Frosene SaccoV2
Frosene Sacco
WABI Board Member

Biking is like breathing for me. I commute wherever I can. Sometimes my commute is unsafe and NOT fun. That’s what I want to change. That’s why I am committed to being a viable and active member on the WABI Board. I embrace the challenge and opportunity of serving on the board for WABI. Being involved with a community passionate for a sustainable and liveable vibe, is one I want to be a part of. A pedestrian and bike friendly community is GOOD for EVERYONE!! Good for health. Good for happiness. Good for businesses. A future campaign I would love to see realized, would be to have “The Seattle Superhighway.” A network of bikeable routes where commuters and recreational riders could go easily from Burien to downtown Seattle and back. Frosene and her husband, John, have a business named “Bikelava“. She makes traditional Greek baklava and they sell it as “Artisan Peddled Baklava” from a cart pulled behind their bike.

We focus on activities that engage citizens of all ages and abilities.  We have periodic events such as Walk-n-Talks and Bike SaFaRis (Safe Family Rides). We also sponsor Burien Bike Day in May and a Bike Commuting 101 class.

A special “pet project” that we have is the installation of bike racks all over town. Sure, you decide to be “green” and run errands on your bike rather than driving your car just for that loaf of bread and quart of milk. But when you arrive at the grocery, there’s no place to lock your bike! We plan to change that. If you’d like to help, please get in touch!

WABI also works with community partners to enhance facilities that support and encourage walking and biking. We give our input into city, county and state issues surrounding transportation master planning, bike/pedestrian counts and other efforts that get you counted as a person on two feet or two wheels. This includes working with businesses, schools, and local government to help shape policies and plans that promote safe streets and the greatest number of transportation choices for our citizens.

Be a “WABI-ist“! Would you like to get involved? We’ll let you know about volunteer opportunities.

Through this web site, you’ll be able to find resources, informative articles, calendars and links to other Walking/Cycling organizations. Click on this button to sign up for a FREE e-mail subscription!

We are people-powered in how we get things done (and hopefully how we get from A to B!).  We welcome the ideas, talents, and participation of all of our Burien neighbors who share our vision for a more active, safer, and greener community.

Please tell your friends about WABI Burien… and we’ll see you around town!

For media materials, please click HERE.