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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

May 9, FREE! Bicycling 101: Getting you and your bike ready to pedal this summer

Friday May 18th is National Bike Day and the newly formed Walk/Bike Burien (WABI) is teaming up with Bicycles West, the City of Burien, Freggies, and Discover Burien to offer a pair of pedal-powered events for adults and children of all ages and abilities.  See below for details on Burien Bike Day events.

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In order to help you get ready for Burien Bike Day on Friday, May 18th and the warmer weather that know is around the corner, WABI has teamed up with Bicycles West to offer a FREE Bicycling 101 Class for those who want to learn or review what they need to get themselves and their families rolling on two wheels.


Wednesday May 9th, 7:30-8:30pm

Bicycles West – 804 Southwest 151st Street, Burien.

Anyone interested in learning or getting refreshed on bicycling basics, including riding around town and commuting safely and confidently to work or the transit center on a bike.


What you need (helmet, flat prevention, lock)
Basic maintenance/safety check
Finding safe routes in Burien
Most common causes of accidents
Road rules, skills, and etiquette
What you need to fix a flat
Bicycling with kids

Informal talk with printed notes and maintenance demonstrations.

For your convenience,
A Bicycling Checklist:

– Bike 🙂

– Helmet that fits

– Inflated tires

– Lock

– Brakes and shifters functioning adequately

– Lights or visible clothing for motorists

– Safe, enjoyable route identified

– Water bottle (if pedaling more than 5 miles)