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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

Des Moines Waterland Walkers



More opportunities to walk with neighbors and new friends! Meet the Des Moines Waterland Walkers. Our neighbors to the south also have monthly walks, led by former Burienite Gary McNeil.

Gary McNeil

Gary McNeil

“I am a board member of Des Moines Legacy Foundation, a non-profit that supports and helps fund programs for kids and seniors in Des Moines –  I was asked to lead walks in the city to explore the great parks and sites in town.  I started the walks early in 2016.”

Time, Place & Details:

Walk time: the 3rd Sunday of the month at 11:00 a.m.

Our primary meeting place is at the base of the fishing pier at the Des Moines Marina, but the day, time, and location are subject to change.  We walk the 2 mile Des Moines Creek Trail quite often, but also explore the Marina, Beach Park, and the other parks up the hill.  We have also walked at Saltwater State Park and around the Redondo Beach area.

The walks average about 2 -3 miles in length and take about  60-90 minutes, and the terrain can range from a flat paved path to hilly trails.  We walk rain or shine, and dogs are usually welcome unless we are entering a business establishment.

Two walks each year include viewing the great sculptures, art pieces, and murals that are part of the Art on Poverty Bay Project, in coordination with the Des Moines Arts Commission.

DMWW-Walk Group

Get more information about the Waterland Walkers:

  • Des Moines Legacy Foundation Facebook page
  • by searching for Des Moines Waterland Walking Group
  • Quarterly Rec’nRoll magazine published by the Des Moines Parks Department
  • Quarterly Des Moines Normandy Park Activity Center publication
  • Nextdoor Neighborhood website.
  • Gary McNeil at or 206-390-3184.

Questions: Contact Gary with any questions.


  1. Too bad these walks are not a little later. We go to church in Des Moines but it doesn’t get it until 11.

  2. The monthly Walk-n-Talks start at 2:00 and the Waterland Walkers walk at 11:00. The hope is that offering walks both early and late, more people will be able to attend.