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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

Sponsorship Plaque Specs

Your name up in lights! (Well, almost…)

Applause to you for choosing to support cycling in the City of Burien by sponsoring one of our spiffy, new bike racks. Your business name and logo will be out in front of everyone for 5 years. Great for visibility. (Families and individuals can sponsor racks, too.)

As a sponsor, there will be TWO plaques featuring your name and/or logo. They will be mounted on both sides of the customized, horizontal bar of the rack. (See the round, blue plaque in the photo. There are four color options.)


Sponsorship plaques MAY include:

  • Business Logo (when available)
  • Name (Business, Family or Individual)
  • Background color selected from 4 designated colors: green, orange, blue, red.
    (See sample swatches and their CMYK tint builds.)

Sponsorship plaques MAY NOT include:

  • Phone numbers
  • Web addresses
  • Slogans and advertising phrases

The plaques are meant to be streamlined visual representatives of you and your business: just a name and/or logo, clean and simple. Don’t worry. These days, that information alone is enough for people to find you quite easily on the web.

WABI-Plaque Example

Digital File Specs:

You will need to provide some digital files so that your plaque can be prepared for you. If the following techie information goes way over your head, contact your designer (and give that person a link to this page), or send an e-mail to Maureen at

1) LOGO Option:
Please note that you cannot simply copy your logo off of your web site.
It will be too bitmapped/jagged and will not reproduce well.

Raster (Pixel-based. May be reduced in size, cannot be enlarged!): 4″ max height/width, at 250 dpi (1000 pixels wide x 1000 pixels high). JPG, PSD, TIF file formats. RGB or CMYK color space. (See sample swatches and their CMYK tint builds.) Your file will be about 500k or more.

Vector (Curve-and-points-based. “Scaleable.” May be enlarged or reduced as needed): To fit 4″ height/width. AI, PDF file formats. RGB or CMYK color space. File size will vary.

Please specify the background color behind your logo (if you don’t have it built into your file) See the color chart below.

If you wish to design the full inner circle with your logo and a creative background, please prepare the art as a circle 4.625″ diameter (4-5/8″). This will be fit into a 4.5″ final circle. Be aware of the locations of the 4 rivet mounting holes and do not put any critical text or imagery in these areas. Follow the same raster/vector guidelines above, as well as specified inclusions and exclusions. Be aware that all sponsorships and rack locations are subject to approval by WABI Burien and the City of Burien.

 3) WRITTEN NAME Option:
If you don’t have a logo, you may simply provide the name you wish to have appear on the plaques, which will be formatted like the sample shown above. Keep in mind the number of words and letters in the name. The font size will be reduced in size to fit your text. (For instance, in the sample above, 9 letters fit on the middle line.)

Provide the following:

  • Sponsor name (Business, Family or Individual) exactly as you wish it to be written
  • Background color behind your name
  • Contact name, e-mail address, phone number, physical address


  • All sponsorships and rack locations are subject to approval by WABI Burien and the City of Burien.



WABI-Plaque Example

WABI-Plaque Example

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All sponsorships and rack locations are subject to approval by WABI Burien and the City of Burien.