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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

Walk-n-Talk and Chase the Rain Away

Will we be walkin’ and talkin’ and singin’ in the rain? (Isn’t that what galoshes and bumbershoots are for?) Incredibly, every Walk-n-Talk for the last 16 months, we’ve had dry weather. (Except that on one walk day it started drizzly and ended sunny.) Maybe by scheduling our walk, we chase the rain away?

Let’s meet up at 2:00 on Sunday, December 2, on top of the grassy knoll at Burien Town Square for our monthly Walk-n-Talk. We will circle east along SW/S 152nd St., past and around Highline High School and Moshier Field, as far as southbound Des Moines Memorial Drive, then back west along S/SW 156th St., and north on 4th Ave. SW. (This month’s route was the one selected for our July Walk-n-Talk by Burien Frequent Walker, Rob Johnson.)

This 2.25 mile route has sidewalks the whole way (!) and is mostly flat, so this is an ideal route for folks with mobility issues or who are pushing baby strollers.

  • Date: Sunday, December 2, 2012
  • Time: 2:00 meet-up. Walking starts at 2:15
  • Place: Meet on the grassy knoll at Burien Town Square
  • Distance: About 2.25 miles, round trip. Mostly flat. Sidewalks roundtrip.
Some Intentions for Burien’s Walk-n-Talk:
  • “Encourage active living to support physical and mental health.”
    (Part of Burien’s new “Vision”.)
  • Initiate conversation between friends and neighbors, new and old.
  • Create our own little “volksmarch“, in the European tradition.

Click on the map below to view a larger image.
Then please print it out and bring it with you if you’d like a copy as you’re walking.


  1. Make sure you walk half a block further south on Des Moines Memorial Drive and examine the monument in front of Sunnydale School. There is a lot of history on that site!!

  2. I know what you’re referring to… OK. We will!