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Nurturing a walk/bike community through events and advocacy.

Walk-n-Talk-with-a-Doc January Special

January Special: Walk-n-Talk-with-a-Doc

Do your New Year’s resolutions include goals like “lose weight”, “get in shape”, “exercise more”? Do you wonder how to begin?

On Sunday, January 6, 2013, WABI Burien will help you start your year off right by offering a special Walk-n-Talk-with-a Doc. Dr. Michael Schlitt, Neurosurgeon and Chief of Surgery at Highline Medical Center, will speak to WABI walkers about the health benefits of walking, and will then join us for our walk so the conversation can continue on foot.

As a frequent walker himself, Dr. Schlitt “walks his talk”. The Doctor and his staff feel that walking is a key to both spinal and general health. “At least 2/3’s of my post-surgical patients use walking as their primary mode of rehabilitation after surgery. Additionally, most patients referred to consultation actually don’t need surgery; walking is one of our key modalities for getting folks back to full function.”

(From left to right: Jacqui Sinatra, Director Specialty Clinics; Sarah Peterson, Highline Specialty Clinics Manager; Dr. Michael Schlitt, Neurosurgeon, Chief of Surgery Highline Medical Center; Leisa Garrett, Physician Assistant; Jennifer Dahl, Medical Assistant, Surgery Coordinator; Kim Waysville, Front Office Coordinator.)

Convinced of the value of walking, Dr. Schlitt will provide a FREE pedometer and a copy of his walking program to each walker attending January’s Walk-n-Talk. Also, there will be tips and tidbits about how and why to integrate more walking into your life.

Come start your New Year out on the right foot. Join WABI for a Walk-n-Talk-with-a-Doc.

Date: Sunday, January 6, 2013 (Rain or shine.)
Time: Meet-up at 2:00. Talk by Dr. Schlitt starts at 2:15. Walking starts at about 2:30 or so.
Place: Meet in the multipurpose room (city council chambers behind the glass wall) on the first floor of the Burien City Hall/Public Library. 400 SW 152nd St.
Who: Walkers of every level and ability 
(dogs are welcome)
Distance: About 2.25 miles, round trip, mostly flat, with some sidewalks.
Route: From Burien City Hall/Public Library at Burien Town Square, west around Lake Burien, and back to Town Square Park.
(Please click on the map for a larger view, then print it out and bring it with you to the walk.)

Intentions for Burien’s Walk-n-Talk:

  • “Encourage active living to support physical and mental health.”
(Part of Burien’s “Vision”.)
  • Initiate conversation between friends and neighbors, new and old.

Michael Schlitt, MD
Highline Neurosurgery at Highline Medical Center
16259 Sylvester Rd. SW, Suite 502
Burien, WA 98166
(206) 838-7065


  1. My brother had a stroke in November and has been slowly recovering. He’s been instructed by his therapists and doctors to start exercising. I was surprised when he agreed to go on the walk today very surprised and pleased that he made it. Most ofall because he gave up the Seahawks game and this was his first effort at walking any distance. Thanks to everyone that assisted in organizing this event.

  2. Patty, It’s wonderful that you and your brother joined the walk today. Our best wishes to you brother for his improved health in these coming months. Please come walk with us again. We happen to have TWO walks in February, on the 3rd and the 9th.

    Monthly Walk-n-Talk: Sunday, February 3.

    Seattle Stairway Walks: Saturday, February 9. WABI Burien is partnering with and Seattle Stairways to include Burien’s Eagle Landing Park in the Seattle Stairway Walks.

    Thank you for coming!